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Rory Gilbert

Vice President | Kroeschell Engineering Company


From the time he was in college Rory Gilbert harbored an interested in the expansive world of energy conservation. This led him to launch a career in mechanical engineering. Now, with three decades of experience in his field, Mr. Gilbert serves as vice president of Kroeschell Engineering Co., an engineering services outfit for mechanical, electrical and industrial outsourcing projects.

Mr. Gilbert’s areas of professional expertise include problem-solving for a variety of complex engineering problems as well as exemplary skills in design. His management responsibilities include overseeing systems for generating electricity and interfacing with clients and staff regarding a host of federal projects.

Attributing his professional success to his exceptional skills in communications and employee relations, Mr. Gilbert finds that his ability to listen attentively to and create thoughtful solutions for clients has served him well.

To remain connected to his industry, Mr. Gilbert is affiliated with trade organizations such as the Lake County Contractors Association, which represents the field of commercial construction in select regions of Illinois.  

Mr. Gilbert holds a Bachelor of Science in mechanical engineering from the Rochester Institute of Technology.

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